E-Book Omnibus - I love myself... / God is confused,

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Omnibus: I love myself... and the feeling is mutual / God is confused, He thinks He's Pieter

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Omnibus: I love myself... and the feeling is mutual/God is confused, He thinks He's Pieter

I love myself... and the feeling is mutual
Pieter Overduin
(Rotterdam, 1969) has suffered from
manic-depression for over ten years
now. During that time he has kept
a diary, consisting of short fragments
from his daily life.

Probing, moving and at times
hilariously funny, Mr Overduin writes
about the first signs of the illness
and the way he has dealt with it
since then. He went through very
difficult times for a considerable
amount of time but after that he
managed to pick himself up again.
He also shows what effect the illness
had on his family, how the medication
affected him and how it enables him to
lead an independent life. But without
the support of the people closest to
him, he would not have made it.

God is confused, He thinks He's Pieter
Spring, 2004.
Pieter enters his publisher's office.
'I've got a new manuscript.'
'Oh no, Pieter, please tell me it's not
about manic-depression again.'
'It is.'
'Then it must be very special.'
'It is.'
'In what way?'
'It includes personal accounts of people who are
involved in my life.'
'About their feelings and thoughts during your
manic episodes?'
'That must be very confronting!'
'It is. Why don't you read it and find out.'

Again, Pieter Overduin has written a very interesting
book. He describes how he suffered from a manic
episode after the publication of his first book, in which
he believed himself to be Gandhi and God, respectively.
The personal accounts of his family, friends and former
colleagues also show the other side, how a
manic-depressive's illness affects the people closest to
him. To them, it feels like a life sentence as well.

Just like he did with his first book I love myself...
and the feeling is mutual, Pieter has written a fascinating
and valuable work. It's written from the heart and very funny.